This is a table created for the Calvert County Library for their new library in Prince Fredrick, Maryland. The tables (2) are 42 inches by 84 inches. The center of the tables have fossils embedded in epoxy, with the epoxy coating covering the entire surface. They are located in the children's section with a height intended for intermediate sized children. This design was created to showcase the fossils found along the Chesapeake Bay in Calvert County and the Woodland Indians who inhabited the area at the time of colonization.


Side table of Oak with a resin covered top it has fossils embedded in the "well" in the center. The top is 2 ft. X 2 ft. and approximately 20 in. tall. The base is modified mission style.


The bench pictured here is constructed of solid cherry. The "seat" is 2 in. thick and about 54 in. long. The wood for this bench was harvested from a tree which grew on the Patuxent Naval Air Station in St. Mary's County Maryland 30 years ago. There is heart wood, "live" wood, and some bark along the edges. The stretcher is held in place with wedged pegs.


Sideboard with illuminated shelves and liquor cabinet.
83" long X 16" wide X 37" high


Hanging lamp designed to illuminate a specific area.
23'' X 12" X 11" high


Three Legged Stools are based on a stool built in the 40's by my father to use at his architect's drawing table. Crafted of cherry, these sturdy but graceful stools will give long use as an extra seat or plant stand. 26 X 11


Pine Buckets are hand-crafted and finished. Use as a kindling container, magazine holder, or planter. 13 X 10


Colonial Toy - The whirl-li -gig is a delight for kids from 4 up. No batteries, good exercise, Requires hand and eye coordination which even a 4 year old can master.