This Cherry Desk is made of solid cherry finished in polyurethane for long-lasting finish. Cherry naturally ages to a deep "cherry" color. No chemical aging has been used as this could cause unexpected color changes as time passes. There is a contrasting strip of currly maple to lend interest to the top. This desk is made with no apron and includes a laptop/keyboard atriculated rest.
This desk is 72" long X 30" wide X 29" high. A commissioned piece.


This TANSU CHEST is 60 inches long, 60 inches high, and 15 inches deep. The wood is African Mahogany with copper arts and crafts style pulls. There are 5 drawers and 14 doors. The doors are hinged with invisible hinges so that the facade remains uncluttered. Each horizontal section is independent of each other, but connected to make one solid piece.


This table is 7 feet long, 40 inches wide and standard height for a dining table. It is made of solid walnut. The style is modified country trestle. It can be taken apart for transport, but is extremely solid when assembled. This was a commission piece.


This MORRIS CHAIR is built of quarter sawn red oak with walnut trim. It is built in the style of Gustaf Stickley who based his design on an Englishman Morris' Arts and Craft chair.

Firewood Box

This custom designed "Firewood Box" was the answer to a client's need to store firewood in something which would match the furniture and decor already in place in their home. It is crafted of quarter sawn white oak.
24" wide, 28" high and 28" deep.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests are hand-crafted from pine and finished with polyurethane for a durable surface. Perfect for a child's special place to keep treasures or for storing games or toys. Treasure chests can be custom made with a child's monogram or name on it.
26 X 15 14

Blanket Chest

This is a solid cherry blanket chest with walnut corners. It is 17 inches high, 17 inches wide, and 32 inches long. This is a perfect size to sit at the end of bed.

Other chests are available on a custom basis.